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德國 KNOCKS/KORONA  超過50年在壓縮空氣和過濾技術領域的領導者

KNOCKS. Innovation leader in the field of compressed air and filter technology.

最高的品質要求,最好的才敢銷售給您的 "信譽保證"

Flow-Stop-Valve G1/2 with integrated reset botton Flow stops automatically

when intense flow rate occurs; Restart of the system by reset button

QSV 33  氣動隔膜泵專用-防止無料抽取運送 2way 大流量安全自動停止閥

★ 創新設計


★ 流量 : Qmax : 5800 l/min       

    控制流量 : 200 ~ 5000  l/min    

★ 使用周圍溫度最高 0 ~60 ℃。                  

★ P1 最高進氣使用壓力 16 bar。        

★ P2減壓壓力 : 0.5~8 bar


★ 產品淨重 : G 1/2 ( 1.1 Kg) 


QSV 33 系列 - 尺寸和流量曲線圖

氣動隔膜泵專用  安裝設計圖說明

QSV 33 2way






QSV 33 2way



QSV 33 2way


氣動隔膜泵專用  使用說明


1. 按下啟動按鈕。   

2. 圖3 : 空氣壓縮機氣體開始通過,

3. 圖4 : 氣動隔膜泵開始抽取油漆。

4. 控制流量 : 200 ~ 5000  l/min。

★ 使用周圍溫度最高 0 ~60 ℃。                  

★ P1 最高進氣使用壓力 16 bar。        

★ P2減壓壓力 : 0.5~8 bar     

★ 產品淨重 : G 1/2 ( 1.1 Kg) 




圖5 : 被氣動隔膜泵抽取的油漆被抽完時,管路中還有少量的油漆,氣動隔膜泵的負載降低



圖6 : 管路油漆快完全沒有時,氣動隔膜泵的負載更低,氣動隔膜泵的速度會變的更快運作,QSV 33 停止閥氣體流量因為負載降低變的更大



圖7 : 管路油漆完全沒有時,氣動隔膜泵沒有任何負載,QSV 33 停止閥將會自動關閉氣體氣動隔膜泵將自動停止。


圖8 : QSV 33 自動關閉氣體




創新氣動隔膜泵控制 -防止無料乾抽運行保護的新閥門系列

Pump Control Innovation. New valve series for dry run protection

“許多客戶正在尋找泵控制中更精確的壓縮空氣供應”,KNOCKS 銷售主管 Gerd Baumeister 解釋說。幹運行保護止流閥是我們在 KNOCKS Fluid-Technik GmbH 的最新開發成果,完全滿足了這一要求。

"Many customers are looking for a more precise compressed air provision in pump controls", explains Gerd Baumeister, Sales Executive at KNOCKS. The dry run protection Flow-Stop valve is our latest development at KNOCKS Fluid-Technik GmbH and fulfils exactly that requirement.

Flow-Stop 是一種帶有控制選項的閥門,可以限制最大流量。吞吐量到指定值。一旦這個最大值。超過該值,例如由於缺少泵介質,則係統會自動關閉以防止泵過載或對泵造成任何損壞。

Flow-Stop is a valve with a control option that allows a limiting of the max. throughput to a specified value. Once this max. value is surpassed, e.g. due to a lack of pump medium, then the system automatically shuts down to preventa pump overload or any damage to the pump.

只有按下氣動按鈕後,系統才會恢復運行。通過可選的控制閥或外部開關閥上的啟動脈衝進行重新啟動。這種系統佈局可確保最大限度地保護系統,並符合工作安全法規要求和 ATEX 產品指南 2014/34/EU。

The system will only resume operation once a pneumatic button is pressed. The restart occurs via an optional control valve or a start impulse on an external switch valve. This system layout ensures maximised system protection and complies with regulatory requirements for work safety and with the ATEX product guideline 2014/34/EU.

“Flow-Stop 的一個特點:該閥是一個模塊化組件,因此幾乎可以集成到任何維護單元中,允許定制壓縮空氣供應,以確保應用的最高安全性”,開發主管 Dirk Heinrich 解釋道。

"A special feature of Flow-Stop: The valve is a modular component and can therefore be integrated in virtually any maintenance unit, allowing a customised provisioning of compressed air to ensure highest safety for the application", explains Dirk Heinrich, Head of Development at KNOCKS.


用途和應用領域  Use and areas of application

Flow-Stop 閥可用於任何系統,如果體積流量超過所需數量,這些系統可能會損壞組件或危及人員安全。機械應力(例如彎曲或振動)、加熱過程產生的熱負荷、酸和鹼產生的化學應力,以及材料疲勞和對壓縮空氣管路的外力衝擊都會構成危險威脅。

The Flow-Stop valve can be implemented in any system that could suffer damage to components or endanger personnel if volume flows were to exceed desired numbers. Mechanical stresses, e.g. flexing or vibration, thermal loads from heating processes, chemical stress from acids and bases, as well as material fatigue and external force impact on compressed air lines pose dangerous threats.

結果可能是壓力軟管爆裂。工作管路中的壓力突然下降以及體積流量過大將立即關閉 Flow-Stop 閥。爆破線沒有壓力 - 危險得到控制。該設備是為響應最大化系統安全性的要求而開發的。

The result could be a burst pressure hose. A sudden drop in pressure in the work line in conjunction with excessive volume flow will activate an immediate shut-down of the Flow-Stop valve. The burst line is without pressure - and the danger is in check. The device was developed in response to calls for maximised system safety.

另一個有意義的應用是噴漆或輸送技術中的壓縮空氣隔膜泵或活塞泵。一旦油漆容器被清空,泵的空轉速度就會增加,在極端情況下可能會導致泵損壞。Flow-Stop 響應變化的壓力或體積流量情況並自動關閉壓縮空氣供應 - 泵是安全的。Another meaningful application would be for compressed air membrane pumps or piston pumps in spray painting or conveyor technology. Once a paint container has been emptied, the idling speed of the pump will increase, which could in extreme cases result in the destruction of the pump. Flow-Stop responds to the changed pressure or volume flow situation and shuts down the compressed air supply automatically - the pump is safe.


功能和閥門設置  Function and valve settings

安裝在 Flow-Stop 閥內的彈簧通過轉動手輪來預緊,以設置最大流量。可接受的壓降或體積流量。一旦 Flow-Stop 響應並關閉,它只能通過 RESET 按鈕重新激活。RESET 按鈕控制一個單獨的控制閥,該閥在激活時允許壓縮空氣進入閥門的控制空間並將閥門切換到吞吐量。

A spring mounted inside the Flow-Stop valve is pre-tensioned by turning a hand wheel to set the max. acceptable pressure drop or volume flow. Once Flow-Stop has responded and closed, it can only be reactivated via a RESET button. The RESET button controls a separate control valve, which, when active, allows compressed air into the control space of the valve and switches the valve to throughput.


Flow-Stop 與競爭對手產品相比的優勢 

Advantages of Flow-Stop in comparison with competitor products

所需流量的高設置靈敏度或流量停止(靈敏的反應特性)High settings sensitivity for the desired volume flow or flow stop
(sensitive response characteristic)

簡單易懂的操作  Uncomplicated, easy to follow operation

中央泵控制系統中的功能集成,視覺上優雅的解決方案   Visually elegant solution due to functional integration in the central pump control system

即時、可靠的關機  Instant, reliable shut-down behaviour

 RESET 功能控制重新啟動   Controlled restart via the RESET function

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最低動作壓力 : 0.015bar