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ACE Tubus 共聚多酯彈性緩衝筒



1. 礦石卡車裡測試上千小時,沒有失敗 
5. 10年以上叉式鏟車支架沒有失敗 
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ACE TUBUS系列材質是共聚多酯彈性緩衝筒,是高技術和高性能產品,它的材質可吸收更多的能量,在不同的應用裡,這是可信任的緩衝筒,性能比橡膠、人造橡膠(彈性體)和鋼線彈簧好。TUBUS系列彈性緩衝筒的特殊不同處是,它能持續的解決能量吸收問題。


Tubus耐用的彈性緩衝筒解決了獨立吸震、振動和回歸彈簧困難的能量問題。 Tubus系列是低成本的能量吸收產品,並能重新修整、耐久性、復原力強和應用在彈性的性能。


Profile Dampers   TUBUS Series Bumpers


Lightweight, Ultra-Strong, Exceedingly Durable, Economical


Absorbs More Energy

TUBUS Series high performance elastomer bumpers from ACE Controls are highly engineered products that absorb more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known materials. In various applications, these dependable bumpers significantly outperform rubber, urethane and coiled steel. TUBUS Series bumpers consistently solve energy absorption problems where other materials have failed or simply don't exist.

These durable bumpers solve difficult energy management problems in applications involving shock isolation, vibration isolation and return springs. TUBUS Series bumpers from ACE are reshaping performance standards in cost-effective energy absorption, durability,resilience and application flexibility.


TUBUS Series bumpers are comprised of a thermal plastic co-polyester material that is excellent in resisting oil, grease, chemicals, salt water, ultra-violet light and microorganisms.They do not absorb water and will not swell.


The secret is in both the shape and in the proprietary manufacturing process. Each TUBUS Series bumper is specifically processed to a precise shape to meet the required load rates.


The result is a highly tailored, highly engineered product that adds performance and value to each application.


Proven Endurance and Resilience

The success of the proven elastomer bumper is demonstrated by the following information:

※  Thousands of hours in mine trucks without failure
Many years in rail car impact devices without failure
※  Millions of cycles at maximum deflection without failure on step machines for the fitness industry
More than 10 years in forklift truck masts without failure
Millions of parts in automobiles without failure


Proven TUBUS Series bumpers are ideally suited for applications in the electric drive,heavy corrosive and crane bumper markets as well as numerous others.


TUBUS Series bumpers from ACE Controls are the lightweight, ultra-strong, exceedingly durable and economical product solution for your bumper application needs.


Space saving design
Low weight
Long life expectancy
Easily adaptable to existing systems
Unaffected by oil, grease, chemicals,
salt spray, ozone, sunlight, hydraulic
fluids or fuels
Maintenance free
Wide service temperature range


TUBUS Bumpers Durability
5 times longer life expectancy than coiled steel
10 times greater than rubber
20 times greater than urethane


Additional Selected Application Areas Include:

On equipment in heavy

corrosive environments
Mining equipment

Jounce stops
Rebound bumpers and stops
Sawmill equipment

Steel mill equipment
Paper mill equipment
Oil well heads


ACE Tubus系列彈性緩衝筒是輕巧、超強、超越極限的持久、價格經濟又實惠的產品,這能解決你們緩衝設計應用需求。



★ 節省成本。 ★ 節省空間設計。
★ 低重量。 ★ 持久工作壽命。
★ 簡易適應到目前的系統對油、潤滑、化學
★ 廣大溫度服務範圍。



★ 工作壽命比鋼線彈簧高出 5倍。
★ 比橡膠高出10倍。
★ 比氨基甲酸乙酯高出10倍。

● 天車      ● 碼頭起重機       ● 鐵軌設備       ● 造紙設備      ● 探鑽油井設備       ● 採礦設備      ● 鋸木設備    ● 油壓設備  ● 鋼鐵&重工業設備             ● 造船工業        ● 震動停止      ● 破壞性的環境

新產品 汽車/生產設備用



1. TUBUS-Down Holder Damper Damping element for pressing tools:


D00002、D00003、D00015、D00013   D00006、D00014、D00020、D00021

D00047、D00048、D00044、D00045   D00046


 2. TUBUS-Lift Damper Damping element for pressing tools:




 3. TUBUS-Damping Plugs Damping element for pressing tools:




 4. TUBUS-Press Damper Damping element for pressing tools:



2D & 3D CAD  請  email: info@danyao-ltd.com 告知我們您要的產品型號和配件,將會在最快的時間給閣下

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